Jukolan Viesti (2016-06-18)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Laivavuori
Land: Finland
Distans: Relay
Sträcka: 1
Sträcka: 12.52 km
Tid: 68:56
The impossible task. First time I was running Jukola for Malung, first time ever Malung had three teams. I had had a rollercoster spring with ups and downs and with a really bad performance at 10-mila so I was really hungry to get the chance to do what I do best, run a first leg. As the third team was a late entry we got a rather high number, 1694. I had an easy week of training before coming to Finland, doing a nice jog with some sprints at arrival and feeling fresh for the first time in a while. The accomodation was quite nice and spirits were really good at the team meeting and the energy of the group was very positive. One last check at the old map and I was talking about that I will probably have to do something radical to improve my position from the start. We arrive at the arena and the winds were blowing and the clouds promised rain and I loved it. I remember that they played Iron Maiden's The trooper thorugh the speakers before I started warming up and I could feel the adrenaline building. When entering the starting field I was running past the entire group, laughing at my own fate for the evening as I finally found my map in the last row together with some beginners wearing track suites and using halogen lamps. There was quite the gap to the leading group even before the race had even started. I felt determined to reach at least top 100 and adrenaline was rising as the last seconds before start was counted. The start goes off. Start-1: With the fury of an angry wolf pack I start, fighting my way through the endless stream of people. No time to look at the map, just focusing on finding gaps and sprinting hard whenever I found some free ground. Getting energized by people reacting to my speed as I passed by like the northern wind in late autumn. I finally get to unfold the map at the starting point, and as I had studied the old map I instantly saw the road to my right. The decision was without much hesitation and off I went into the thick and dark forest. One lamp behind me that quickly dissapeared and then deep darkness ahead. I followed the stream and then just went straight for the road through the flourishing bush and time seem to stand still and it felt like forever before hitting the road. I hit the road and then it was time to push as hard as I possibly could. Jukola has just started with over 1700 participants and I am completely alone in the dark but with perfect certainty of where I am going. as I go around the corner of the road going over the marsh I can see the pack, I try to look at the number bibs as I reach them and I can figure that my decision was right and the routechoice was a success. With full focus I leave the road by the first aid station and confidently go for the control, again having to fight my way through an endless stream of people. 1-2: Short leg and thick forest, just stay by my direction and stay in line. 2-3: Frustrated in the beginning of the leg as people are in my way, staying in the line until I hit the road and then sprint as Usain Bolt before going into the forest with a steady direction straight towards the control. First radio, now at position 240, +4:20 behind the lead. 3-4: Making sure I have good direction and passing people before the marsh, then just get in the line building up frustration and adrenaline. Hit the road and a quick sprint passing people befor heading towards the conntrol. 8th best split time. 4-5: Going through the line at the beginning and then I realized that was not the direction I needed to go. I follow my compass and leave the group, suddenly there is only darkness infront of me where once was light. I can really oush hard now as no one are in my way. I get some perfect features to pass going for the control as I see the marshes and the stones. I get the control perfectly and now I am really passing lots of people and catchig some good teams. 5-6: Some frustration in the beginning and then full speed from the road to the control. The group of people is a lot smaller now. Radio control, I am now at 165th place +4:44 behind the lead. 6-7: Going down to the road for another hard sprint. Catching a bigger group at the end of the road. I get stuck behind them through the thick forest and decide to just stay behind and let them do the orienteering. Passing the road towards the cliff I regain control of my orienteering and go for the control. Now 154th position. 7-8: No one in my way in the first downhill part and then I get stuck again. Making sure to check my position and checking the features towards the control as I hit it perfectly. 153rd position +4:11 behind the lead. 8-9: Going around the thicker forest and finding some free space where no one blocked my way. Hitting the road by the drinking station and then just go by the compass hitting the control perfectly. People are making some big mistakes now and I can sense I am making some good orienteering here. Confidently I head towards the next control that looks a bit tricky. 9-10: The dark forest lies ahead and I can oush hard towards the vegetation border. I get the big rock before going into the thick greenery and can push as hard as I can through the rather nast wet marsh. I hit the hill perfectly and can use it as a point of entry towards the control. I can see the giant rock before the control and continue towards where I see the lights dancing around. I hit the control perfectly. Best split time,1/825. 10-11: Stuck in the queue going downhill and then push crazy hard as I hit the road. Lots of people now, this must be the tail of the big group. Easy control. 114th position, +3:35 behind the lead. 11-12: Considering to go for the road but I stay with the pack, unable to pass any people now. I pass another control but with full confidence I continue to my forking. 12-13: Not much to do but stay in the line and keep my patience.127th position, +3:47 behind the lead. 13-15: Pushing as hard as I can through the arena passage. Feeling all my hard sprints now. Noticing passing IFK Göteborgs first team, he passes me towards the control. Long line of lights and people now. No more energy to go beside the manmade track and pass people. 16-19: Stuck behind the wall of flesh. Just focusing on keeping good direction and taking my controls, trusting the others. 114th position, +4:42 behind the lead. 19-20: Suddenly a lot less people, last control with high demands of concentration. Nailed it, now all that remains is some easy controls before the change over. 20-Finish: Really tired now but fighting hard at the last sprint. I fight all the way to see the hungry eyes of my team mate waiting for his turn to fight for the club in the might forest of Finland. It's over and the task is done, I change at 112th position +5:03 behind the lead. Almost perfect race. I met my team mates who are ecstatic, this was unbelievable. The energy was really high and now we all knew that the normal rules did not apply to us this night, anything was possible. The super performances from all of our Mårdwarriors went on thorugh the night and the jewel at the morning was a 3rd position in the relay for the club and three teams withing top 100. What a night to remember!
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Jukolan Viesti (2016-06-18) Jukolan Viesti (2016-06-18)